From today’s perspective, we can surely state that the year 2020 was incredibly fruitful for online trading. The global pandemics went hand in hand with the loss of millions of jobs all around the world. People were eager to find other suitable and easily accessible ways to earn some additional income. Online trading was a viable solution for many of them. Therefore, the online trading stock volume in 2020 reached tremendous 10.9 billion dollars. Besides the stock market, other markets also experienced a boom including the Forex and cryptocurrency market. Besides pandemics and people looking out for more money to make, let’s see other reasons besides this phenomenon.

Online trading is more accessible than ever

Increasing accessibility of reliable internet connections and top-notch trading platforms undoubtedly changed everything in online trading in recent years. Now anyone can access online trading solutions from home. The possibility for learning and accessing the online free learning resources is also fundamentally changing online trading. Learning to invest has never been so easy and accessible to everyone. As a result, traders are multiplying, and they have never been more numerous since anyone can become a trader.

Newbie traders without any trading experience can enter the market in full confidence thanks to demo accounts. Every good broker online will allow their client to practice trading before starting trades with real money. Therefore, trading with a regulated broker is the first step to take. The regulated broker ensures that newbies enter the market in a knowledgeable and secure way.

The rise of no-download solutions

For the past year, the most popular platforms in the world of online trading have been working on developing new solutions to facilitate access to their service. Thus, they developed the first trading solutions online without downloading directly from a browser—a small revolution that does not look like much but had a considerable impact.

Indeed, the future of online trading is closely linked to its accessibility and its openness to non-professional individuals. Providing everyone with the opportunity to open an account in minutes and trade without the need to download any software will undoubtedly be a very important part of the future of online trading in the next decade.

 The emergence of casual trading

As a consequence of the two points we touched on previously, the emergence of casual trading promises to be extremely important in the next decade. What is casual trading? This is the new trend that some individuals have to invest small amounts in certain assets in CFDs.

Casual trading represents billions of funds that escaped the financial world a few years ago. Today, thanks to better accessibility, the markets receive billions of euros of funds effortlessly while each individual tries his luck thanks to online trading.

Start online trading as of today

As we could see in the previous year, the opportunities to profit from online trading are great. So why wouldn’t you try your hand? There are two main reasons for investing in the stock market. First, investing in the stock market means investing in the economy in real-time. Also, it means contributing to the growth of the company’s value. A company sells shares to investors to raise funds to finance its growth. This money could be used to develop internationally, to launch major projects. Investing in the stock market also means prospering and benefiting from the very attractive long-term return that these assets provide.

When it comes to Forex, it’s a very liquid market and easily accessible to investors. This market offers many opportunities for earnings. Of course, it requires patience, and above all, a lot of techniques that traders can acquire through experience in the field. You can benefit from a margin account by investing in the market you wish with an amount much higher than your starting capital because it is your broker who finances the transaction.

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